[gmx-users] 3.1 with mpi on an IBM SP

David L. Bostick dbostick at physics.unc.edu
Thu Mar 7 18:14:47 CET 2002


I have a simple question.  I have fftw libraries installed on an IBM SP for
both scalar and mpi.  They are compiled in both single and double precision
and have the corresponding type prefixes s for single and d for double.
The mpi compiled versions have the suffix, "_mpi" on them.  All of these
libraries are in the fftw/include and fftw/lib directories as usual.
However, it seems that the configure script only checks for the s or d type
prefix.  Is there a way to specify that for mpi compiling, I want the
configure script to recognize the _mpi suffix?  Does it do this already?


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