[gmx-users] Re: debug from floating exceptions in g_energy (v3.1)

David van der Spoel spoel at xray.bmc.uu.se
Thu Mar 14 12:53:26 CET 2002

>Back Off! I just backed up energy.xvg to #energy.xvg#
>Reading frame      0 time    0.000           signal Floating point 
>exception at   [do_enx:296 +0x14,0x12001def4]         Source not available
maybe you have to make the source available to dbx by typing
use /home/lynne/gmx/src/gmxlib
use /home/lynne/gmx/src/tools

(give the real path of course)

right now there is only the information on the line number, but I suspect 
it might be not entirely correct.

Then try the "where" command again, and if it says line 296, you can try 
list 290,300
which will print the code at that line, and
print tmp1
print fr->ener[i].eav
to dump the variables (in this case those from line 296)

By the way, did you try gmxdump -e ener.edr | more ?
Does that also crash on the same energy file?

Thanks for helping to debug this problem...
Groeten, David.
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