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On Fri, 15 Mar 2002 nesanfor at criba.edu.ar wrote:

>Dear Mr. van del Spoel
>    Excuse me to answer this mail by an outer paht from le gmx list but my 
>question - appealing to your kindess - is beyond the subject of biomolecular 
>simulation. I was quite surprised by your assertion about the spc model as I 
>always understood that the spce featured an improvement of spc (diffusion 
>constant, dielectric constant, density, and an acceptable agreement in the O-O 
>distribution). I would appreciate if you can enlight me with some references 
>that point out the spc model as the recommended for solvation in biomolecular 
The point with SPC/E is that it may be overpolarised, excellent for bulk,
but not so good for interfaces. Check out these refs:

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  author = 	 "David van der Spoel and Aldert R.  van Buuren and
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>Thank you in advance...
>yours truly

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