[gmx-users] make error on Compaq XP1000 (TruUnix64)

Erik Lindahl lindahl at stanford.edu
Wed Mar 20 21:18:34 CET 2002

Y. U. Sasidhar wrote:

>I am trying to compile gmx 3.1.1 on on Compaq XP1000 (TruUnix64).
>make exits giving error message ( below ).
>Pl let me know how to fix it.
>====================configure log============================
>This file contains any messages produced by compilers while
>running configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake.
>It was created by GROMACS configure 3.1.1, which was
>generated by GNU Autoconf 2.52.  Invocation command line was
>  $ ./configure --prefix=/home/sasidhar/gromacs311
>## ---------- ##
>## Platform.  ##
>## ---------- ##
>hostname = dalton
>uname -m = alpha
>uname -r = V4.0
>uname -s = OSF1
>uname -v = 1229
>===========make error================
>$ make >> make_log_txt
>No suffix list.
>No suffix list.
>No suffix list.
>cc: Error: orires.c, line 268: In this statement, "F_pow" is not a
>member of "ip[type].orires". (needmember)
>    for(i=0; i<ip[type].orires.pow; i++)
>cc: Error: orires.c, line 423: In this statement, "F_pow" is not a
>member of "ip[type].orires". (needmember)
>      power = ip[type].orires.pow;
Hi Sashidar,

This is a confirmed bug in the Tru64 C compiler. According to ANSI C we 
should be able to use 'pow' as a name in a structure and override the 
math library definition, but apparently the Compaq compiler doesn't 
accept that.

Berk has already worked around it in the CVS version of the sources - 
I'll put out a new release this weekend once I've tested things for 
automake 1.6 and autoconf 2.53.



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