[gmx-users] mdrun load sharing between dual processor machine

Lynne E. Bilston l.bilston at unsw.edu.au
Thu May 2 05:24:16 CEST 2002


I''ve just noticed that when I run the normal version of gromacs (mdrun) on 
my new dual athlon linux machines, that it doesn't fully load both 
processors. According to top, although I'm getting 99.9% cpu usage for 
mdrun, it also says that cpu0 is working at about 80% and cpu1 is working 
at only about 20%. This adds up to 100% of one cpu. Does this mean I need 
to use the mpi version to fully utilise both processors?

And if I want to share a run across, say, 3 dual processor machines, what 
parameters should I use? Do I specify that each node has 2 processors in 
the lam hosts file, and then just do the usual with 3 nodes?

Also, does ssh slows down the interconnect compared to rsh?


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