[gmx-users] compilation trouble in OSX

nicolis at guideo.fr nicolis at guideo.fr
Sun May 12 16:51:03 CEST 2002

Quoting rams at poori.biochem.uiowa.edu:

> I follow the instructions and configure in OSX.  Configure runs fine.
> Then I do make and I get the following error after  long time...

What version of gromacs do you use? I don't have this problem with the 
latest (3.1.3) and I had also no problems with 3.0.3 and 3.0.5. 

> What is -llanginfo and why dont I have it by default....

langinfo.h is used to define some locale stuff like month names, currency 
name etc plus a function nl_langinfo to retreive locale information. It exists 
under linux on PC's but it does not exist under MacOSX, so it's normal you 
don't have it. In MacOSX you only have locale.h which defines the 
setlocale function which can also return locale information I think. But, if 
mistaken please correct me, I think gromacs does not use any of these 
I don't think langinfo is something widely used (I meen even on linux PC's 
where it exists) and I don't understand why your configure seems to need 
it. If you try a

grep langinfo .

in the gromacs directory, in which files do you see it?


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