[gmx-users] some confusion in location of mpicc during ./configure

Ken Chase math at velocet.ca
Mon Nov 4 05:56:25 CET 2002

In compiling gromacs 3.1.4 on a system where I did not have root, I had a hell
of a time getting ./configure to work. It kept failing the test of 'checking
whether your compiler can handle assembly files (*.s)...'

The problem is that there was another mpicc already installed in
/usr/local/bin on my path, but it is a wonky install that doesnt seem to be
able to pass this test.  However, I set my $CC to override that, to the mpicc
that I had just compiled in lam-mpi in my own dirs. I figured this would work,
and does, until configure goes and finds where mpicc is itself, on the path.

Obviously, normally $CC is gcc for such runs of ./configure, but putting in
a path to my own mpicc works.

However, the test to see if the compiler can handle assembly files uses the
mpicc on the path, not in $CC, and I hadnt set my path to point at my dirs
first in preference, so it was using the system's broken version of mpicc.

It would be good to include this as a note for installation as non-root
on a system that already has a (possibly broken) mpicc around on the path.

(I usually dont put my own dirs on my path first, for security reasons.)

Ken Chase, math at velocet.ca  *  Velocet Communications Inc.  *  Toronto, CANADA 

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