[gmx-users] improving cluster performance

Dmitry Kovalsky dikov at imbg.org.ua
Mon Nov 11 12:56:58 CET 2002

Hi there,

My cluster equiped with 4 dual Athlons 1500+ MP/256 DDR/Fast Ethernet/TYAN 
S2460 Tiger MP with VIA 760 chipset and using Mandrake 8.2. The performance 
of the cluster was near 2.3 GFlops.

Now I get a Gigabyt and wonna to get a maximum performance from the cluster. 
How I should rebuild a kernel (2.4.18) and LAM, FFTW and GROMACS in order to 
reach it?

Thanks in advance 
Sincerely yours,

Ph.D. Student Dmitry Kovalsky
Institute of Molecular Biology & Genetics
150 Akad. Zabolotnogo Street,
Kiev-143, 03143

E-mail: dikov at imbg.org.ua
Fax:  +380 (44) 266-0759
Tel.: +380 (44) 266-5589

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