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Dallas Warren dallas.warren at vcp.monash.edu.au
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>A lot of MD force fields have this problems with aliphatic dihedrals. I 
>would guess that OPLS is slightly better than Gromos96, which in turn 
>should be better than Gromacs. (The "gromacs" force field is really 
>Gromos87 with some modifications mentioned in the manual - we don't try to 
>develop our own force field, it is too
>much religion in it :-)

I could imagine that, they are not simple things.  And you should be 
concentrating on making GROMACS faster anyway ;-)

>If you want to stick to united atom I would recommend either 
>Ryckaert-Bellemans potentials or The Kuwajima alternative. The R-B 
>potential is already defined
>in Gromacs; just change the dihedral type to "3" and make sure you REMOVE 
>the 1,4 interactions since these are included in this functional form.

Sticking with a united atom FF at the moment.  Changed the topology to 
include the Ruckaert-Bellemans potential for butane and then minimised 
it.  It is much better :-)  Here are the values FYI:

                         GROMACS R-B             Allinger et al.
diff anti/gauche        6.6 kJ/mol      2.9 kJ/mol      2.6 kJ/mol

Currently have a decane simulation running to see how the relative 
populations of anti/gauche go.

What do the protein people use for the various CH2-CH2 dihedrals that are 
within some of the amino acids when running simulations with the GROMACS 
force field?  Or is one of the other FF typically used?  From what I can 
tell, even if there is a single CH2-CH2 dihedral within the amino acid it 
will be far more rigid than it should be, and hence not show the 
confirmation dynamics that it should.  Or am I wrong in my thinking here?

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