[gmx-users] Re: [gmx-users] still seg faults with the beta on Mac OSX G4

nicolis@guideo.fr nicolis at guideo.fr
Wed Nov 20 15:25:56 CET 2002

> the warning suggests there are physical problems anyway. DO you use too

Yes but I had this warning only with the continuation run from 400 to 620. The 
first run crashes at 460 without warning.

> strong P coupling? FOr isotropic scaling I usually recommend 1 ps, for
> anisotropic larger (maybe 4 ps).

I had 0.5 (it's isotropic). I am now repeating the job with 1 and I will post the 

> If the error is reproducible it most likely isn't the hardware...

Yes, what I had in mind was the bugs you talked about gcc on Jaguar, that's why 
i downloaded the beta.

> Groeten, David.

Thanks a lot,


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