[gmx-users] lam and dual pentium box

Erik Lindahl lindahl at stanford.edu
Mon Nov 25 18:14:53 CET 2002

sschirm at student.ethz.ch wrote:

>Hello gmx people,
>I have troubles running a parallel MD-Run on a single Pentium dual box
>running Linux (SuSE). Maybe someone used the same setup as i do or at 
>least a setup close to it. 
>(the lam version from the gromacs page wasn't available anymore.)
>fftw-2.1.3-2.i386.rpm and  fftw-lammpi-2.1.3-2.i386.rpm
>(as recommended)
>gromacs-3.1.4-1.i386.rpm and gromacs-mpi-3.1.4-1.i386.rpm
Sorry, but if you can't use Lam 6.5.4 (there's an rpm on the Gromacs 
site) you will have to recompile.

This is a well-known Lam problem - the program must be run with 
_exactly_ the same version as it was compiled with.



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