[gmx-users] Re: Re: lam and dual pentium box

Simon Schirm sschirm at student.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 27 18:24:43 CET 2002

> Anton Feenstra wrote
> Meaning that you can't use the (binary!) .rpm packages.
> But -- the lam .rpm package that goes with Gromacs should 
> still be available from the Gromacs homepage, or has it been 
> removed? And if so, why?

Fist of all, thanks to Erik Lindahl, Anton Fenestra and David for
The lam-binary rpm which is linked on the install instructions of
on gromacs.org seem not to be online anymore. Finally, thanks to the 
provided hint, I was able to run in parallel, recompiling fftw and
for the newer available version of lam.

Simon Schirm

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