[gmx-users] parallel run crashes only when shuffled

Lynne E. Bilston l.bilston at unsw.edu.au
Thu Oct 3 01:05:37 CEST 2002

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>From: Mikko Huhtala <mhuhtala at abo.fi>
>Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 16:43:50 +0300
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>Subject: [gmx-users] parallel run crashes only when shuffled
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>I tried to use grompp with '-shuffle' to setup up a simulation for 4
>processors. The system is a protein dimer, one small-molecule ligand
>in each monomer, water and some ions. The suffled simulation crashes
>after 15 steps and some LINCS warnings with a fatal pressure scaling
>error (= system explodes). The exact same starting conformation runs
>on 4 processors just fine when it is set up without the suffle.
>I know that shuffle probably does not improve things much for a system
>like this, so I am happily running the unshuffled configuration. I was
>simply wondering if I missed something obvious or is this a bug in
>Gromacs? I am running version gromacs-3.1.4-1 (rpm) with
>lam-6.5.4-usysv.1 (rpm) on Pentium 4 Xeons.

I had the same problem on my dual athlons, and have discontinued using 
shuffle/sort. Erik promised that there would be a new method of 
shuffling/sorting soon, so I haven't tried to track down the bug using debug.

David - Can you elucidate your "shuffle manually" comment? Do you mean 
re-order the input coordinate file as you suggest?

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