[gmx-users] make error when compiling for the parallel version

Tivadar Orban t.orban at csuohio.edu
Tue Oct 8 18:33:17 CEST 2002

On Tuesday, October 8, 2002, at 12:05 PM, David van der Spoel wrote:

> On Tue, 8 Oct 2002, Tivadar Orban wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to compile gromacs on a cluster with 3 G4 machines,  
>> running
>> Macosx ver. 10.2 (Jaguar) with gcc3. I have LAM/MPI installed and  
>> tried
>> it out with some test parallel programs. LAM is ok, mpiCC is working
>> also.
>> First of all I tried to compile fftw, with --enable-mpi, without
>> success. But that is not the question for the list.
>> Here is the error:
>> Issuing:
>> ./configure --without--fftw --enable-mpi
>> everything seems to be all right but when I type:
>> make mdrun
>> after a while I get the following error:
>> xutils.c:231: warning: invalid conversion from `void*' to `double*'
>> xutils.c:232: warning: invalid conversion from `void*' to `double*'
>> xutils.c:233: warning: invalid conversion from `void*' to `double*'
>> xutils.c:238: warning: invalid conversion from `void*' to `double*'
>> xutils.c:239: warning: invalid conversion from `void*' to `double*'
>> xutils.c:240: warning: invalid conversion from `void*' to `double*'
>> xutils.c:241: warning: invalid conversion from `void*' to `double*'
>> xutils.c: In function `void update_forcefield(int, t_filenm*,
>> t_forcerec*)':
>> xutils.c:324: warning: invalid conversion from `void*' to `int*'
>> make[1]: *** [xutils.o] Error 1
> Is that the only error you get?
Yes that is the first error that I get, and the make process stops

> Something is very weird indeed, since this
> code is correct, and this type of statements is used in hundreds of  
> places
> in gromacs. Which version of gromacs is this,
The version of GROMACS is 3.1.4.
>  and did you check the list
> for earlier OS X problems?
I have checked the list for similar problems on OSX but those were not  
the case. Can you give me a hint what should I try?

Tivadar, Orban
> Groeten, David.
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