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Dallas Warren dallas.warren at vcp.monash.edu.au
Wed Oct 9 01:03:29 CEST 2002


Thank you for the replies.

Yes, I know about and have been using the PRODRG server program.

>So, what then is your problem? Do you get [bonds], [angles] etc
>sections in your .top file? If so, are the parameters missing?

Yes, it specifies between which ones the bonds, angles etc are.

>If you don't specify parameters in your .rtp (it appears you
>don't), then you don't get parameters in your .top explicitly.
>In that case, parameters are taken from the [*_types] defenitions
>in your ff*.itp files. Much of this is also described in the

Ahhh, OK.  Sorry I was under the impression that it inserted all of those 
values into the .top file.  So the software calls up the ff*bon.itp file as 
required for how the angels, bond constants etc should be?

>Atom names are simply labels; you can chose whatever you want.
>But the way you do it seems sensible. If you want automatic

That is good to know.  I just noticed that in the .rtp files supplied that 
some use on convention of letters and others numbers.

>hydrogen addition (requires .hdb entries), you must name/number
>hydrogens systematically (described in the manual under 'Hydrogen

I picked that up from the manual and will be looking at that as I add 
further residues etc.

Thank you for your assistance.  It is much appreciated.

Catch ya,

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