[gmx-users] Problems compiling gromacs-3.1.4 using MIPSpro compiler on IRIX 6.5

Erik Lindahl lindahl at stanford.edu
Mon Oct 14 17:53:29 CEST 2002

Markus Meier wrote:

> There is the problem that the Fortran 77 name-mangling is not 
> recognized correctly by the configure script:
> checking for Fortran 77 name-mangling scheme... unknown
> configure: WARNING: unknown Fortran 77 name-mangling scheme
> Consequently, the macros are expanded by the preprocessor as can seen 
> below, but the F77_FUNC macro is not regcognized as such.
> Markus 

Hi Markus,

In that case you should just turn of the fortran code with the 
"--disable-fortran" option to configure. Were you trying to combine SGI 
cc with gnu fortran or something?



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