[gmx-users] mdrun's mpi version error

Taeho Kim taeho.kim at utoronto.ca
Tue Oct 29 03:15:53 CET 2002

Hi Erik,
Good to hear from you about Mac OS X BM.  I had installation problems (fftw with enable-mpi) with mpi on dual Mac 1GHz, and unfortunately, I did not successfully finish the benchmark on dual 1G cpu.  

Good news: we will have access to a dual 1.25 GHz sooner or later; the second chance with dual 1.25GHz cpu system, maybe tomorrow. 
I am just wondering whether I can have the information on the installations on your dual 1.25G cpu system.  Thank your for your time and your help.


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제목: Re: [gmx-users] mdrun's mpi version error

>> Thanks a lot for your help,
>> it is working now.
>> I'll do now some benchmarks for the Mac OS X cluster
>Good to hear - I had access to a dual 1.25 GHz today, and benchmarked it 
>using LAM with 1 & 2 cpus.
>Unfortunately the shared-memory communication in LAM doesn't work on OS 
>X yet since it requires
>posix semaphores (and these don't work yet in OS X), so there is more of 
>a speed hit than with linux.
>I'll add the numbers to the benchmark page in a couple of minutes...
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