[gmx-users] Re: Visualizing Gromacs trajectories with InsightII

Mikko Huhtala mhuhtala at abo.fi
Tue Aug 12 09:38:01 CEST 2003

 > Anu Tervo wrote:
 > > Dear all,
 > > 
 > > does anyone know how to visualize Gromacs trajectories with InsightII?
 > > When using Gromacs version 2.0, the thing goes something like:
 > gtoarc1 is not a gromacs tool.

gtoarc1, InsightII, the SGI hardware that runs it (and the
instructions at the CSC for doing all this) are all pretty much
obsolete. The combination runs so slowly at displaying large
trajectories that I'd say save your nerves. Unless you absolutely need
InsightII, skip it and use VMD on a reasonably powerful PC.


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