[gmx-users] problems with building & performance on a Itanium2 system

Malcolm Tobias mtobias at wugrav.wustl.edu
Fri Dec 5 20:50:01 CET 2003

Greetings Erik,

>Try --disable-software-sqrt  and perhaps test the other options on/off 
>too. The Intel compilers have improved/changed a lot on Itanium, so I'm 
>not 100% sure which solution is best on a particular version.

Part of the pleasure of being on the bleeding edge ;-)

>We'll have a beta version of 3.2 out in a day or so - I'll post a 
>message about it here, and then the release-3.2 should follow within a 
>week. I'd suggest trying that beta version since we'll be resonding 
>quicker to fix bugs it it :-)

Great.  I'll wait for that.  
I'm new to gromacs (just installing it for some users that requested it).
What's the etiquette for submitting bug reports?  Should I submit them
to this list?  All at once or one at a time?


Malcolm Tobias

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