[gmx-users] Error installing gromacs on Solaris 9

John linux at eblackprint.com
Tue Dec 9 10:53:01 CET 2003

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the response. :)

> This is what the commands do:
> 1. go to the library install directory
> 2. check that the main library is present (we just installed it)
> 3. check that the non-mpi library is not present
> 4. if 1-3 were true, make the link.

if that's the case, i can just manually verify the correct libraries are
present and create the link myself right?

> For some reason all systems except solaris seem to be happy with this,
> but it is no big deal, so if it still doesn't work we will just remove
> the link creation.

the reason seems to be that for solaris, "-e" option is not recognised by
the "test" command in sh.

One other question, where can I download small sample input to mdrun so that
I can verify that it works properly in a parallel grid environment?

Thanks for the help.


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