[gmx-users] Re: installation problem on Compaq Alpha ev68 with Tru64 unix OS (David)

Wei Fu fuwei at adrik.bchs.uh.edu
Tue Dec 16 21:38:00 CET 2003

Thanks, David,

     I don't install MPI in my local dir, but the supercomputer support told me they have installed MPI, which is based on MPICH. However, it conforms to
the MPI 1.2 specification as well as some features of the 2.0 MPI standard. 

I set MPI in my shell: 

setenv MPICC /usr/bin/cc
setenv LIBS "-lmpi"

   If it is MPI problem, what version MPI should I install, where I can download it? and can I install MPI on my local dir?

    I don't understand why    cp 'which g_analyze' ~
    but I execute it, the result is " which g_analyze: No such file or directory"
    and I copy g_analyze to my home dir, then execute it, the machine still complains: bad substitution.  

    How can I check the problem? 

Thanks for your support!


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