[gmx-users] tau_p

parinald at unsl.edu.ar parinald at unsl.edu.ar
Wed Dec 17 16:19:00 CET 2003

Thank`s Oliver and David:
                         I done MD for my sistem ( CL- NA+ 330Water)
at P=cte.
; Isotropic pressure coupling is  on
Pcoupl              =  berendsen
Pcoupltype          =  isotropic
tau_p               =  1.0
compressibility     =  4.5e-5
ref_p               =  1.0
The presure is really bad, very bad (average -0.5 bar, after 100ps)
I change tau_p= 0.5, then I obtain less fluctuacions.What is the
right value(s) of tau_p?.

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