[gmx-users] How to generate Fortran libraries ?

Frank Eisenmenger eisenmenger at fmp-berlin.de
Thu Dec 18 11:21:02 CET 2003


after successfully compiling and installing gromacs 1.1.4 under Linux 
(Red Hat 9.0) people generated xtc trajectory files, they would like to 
analyze using their own FORTRAN routines.

In the documentation I found:

"Using xtc in your FORTRAN programs".


How can I obtain the library to be linked to a FORTRAN program with the 
-lxtcf option ?

Thanx in advance,

P.S.: there's no problem with xtc, for those using C.
Although the docu for this is sparse and not completely correct.
How to do it one can see in the source code of gmxdump (namely: 
gromacs-3.1.4/src/kernel/gmxdump.c -> function "list_xtc")

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