[gmx-users] Problems with trjconv, file too big

Yuhua Song yhsong at ccb.wustl.edu
Fri Dec 26 23:57:01 CET 2003

Thanks, Nuno,

> I think it has 3501 frames.
> Check with gmxcheck -f *.trr

Becuase the file is too big, so gmxcheck does not work also.

> After having the size per frame, to cut your 7ns traj. in 500 frame pieces
> you asked, cut the traj into 1 piece of 501 and 6 pieces of 500 frames.
> It's more clear now?

Thanks, I understand this. but when I split the big *.trr file using:

split -b size of 501frame -b size of 500frame*6  *.trr

it does not work, it seems that split can only split the big file into the
small chunk of same size, what is your way to split the big file into small
chunks? Please do not tell me that split the big file into 3501 files, then
combine them together. I thinks that there should have some ways to split
into several limited files such as 2ns interval, 1ns interval etc.



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