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Ilya Chorny ichorny at maxwell.compbio.ucsf.edu
Tue Dec 30 04:38:01 CET 2003

The reason I was asking was not to debate the subject. I am growing a LJ
cavity in water. When the cavity gets really big beyond the standard LJ
cutoff I run into problems as one might imagine. I was looking for a way to
overcome this problem.

By the way. A dipole-dipole interaction falls of faster than a chrage-charge
or charge-dipole.

Thanks for your help!!!!


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Absolutely not.

Probably too big a gap in perception here to profitably continue such a

At 01:20 PM 12/29/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Your example is extreme. What about the case of a single charge in
>water. The water-water Coulomb cut off should be less than the charge
>water Coulomb cutoff.
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>On Mon, 29 Dec 2003, Ilya Chorny wrote:
> >Its not obvious to me why the thermodynamics would get screwed up. Its
> >intuitively the same as having different cut offs for LJ vs Coul.
>That is an approximation, and since LJ potential goes to zero faster it
>can be justified (although that does not mean it is correct).
>Treating different parts of the system with different
>cut-off is worse. Let's say we divided a 6x6x6 nm system in two pieces,
>that with X coordinate < 3 nm and that with X > 3 nm. Now if we use a
>different cut-off for the first half of the system than for the other
>half, we create artifacts on the border between the two, and what's
>I suspect that for such a system in "equilibrium" the chemical potential
>is not the same in both halves. It will hence be impossible to define
>kind of ensemble is modeled. Treating cut-offs differently for the
>and water is the same kind of division, comparable in nature to
>simulations in implicit solvent.
> >
> >>You would not want to do that anyway--it would really put you in
> >>thermodynamic neverland.
> >I agree, but IIRC this is what Amber does quite frequently, no cut-off
> >within the protein, and short cut-off for protein-water and water-water
> >(e.g. the 1 us folding sim of Duan and Kollman).
>And to come back to that simulation, they also determined solvation free
>energies from that, but from just the protein coordinates, dismiising
>all the
>Just my (possibly biased) opinion...
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