[gmx-users] running Gromacs under Windows

Ghermes Chilov Ghermes at belozersky.msu.ru
Mon Feb 24 09:52:52 CET 2003


AF> Erik Lindahl wrote:
AF> [...]
>> If I recall correctly, I included a binary of the C preprocessor (it's 
>> GPL:d) from gcc in the win32 distribution.
>> Andreay is right though; there might be a problem with the space in the 
>> path, so I would copy it (the cpp.exe file) e.g. to \windows.

AF> Or, you use the 'msdos' name: c:\progra~1\
AF> (All files in MSWin still have that archaic 8 letter name alias, at least
AF> up to Win2k that I'm using.)

At least we have managed it by coping all Gromacs files to
D:\programs\gromacs\ .

Though there was one odd obstacle: every time the program has being
installed in C:\Program files\ irrespecive of what directory has been
chosen. Strange, isn't it?! But after files were copied to another
directory everything seemed to work.

Thanks for advise and for supporting win2k! :-)


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