[gmx-users] Re: [gmx-users]mpirun on two machines

Taeho Kim taeho.kim at utoronto.ca
Wed Jan 8 19:19:57 CET 2003

I did setup a Mac OS 10.2 cluster with 2 dual machines. 

In case of one dual machine, the mpirun performace with option -c2c is good, "mpirun -c2c -np 2  mdrun ~"     Also, the test  with "-lamd" is fine except the performance, "much slower".

For 2 dual machines, the option -c2c "mpirun -c2c -np 4 mdrun ~" didn't work and gave an error below.   However, the option "-lamd" worked but it's slow.  

LAM 6.5.8/MPI 2 C++ - Indiana University

Executing hboot on n0 (Node2.local - 2 CPUs)...
Executing hboot on n1 (Node1.local - 2 CPUs)...
group at node1.local's password: 
group at node1.local's password: 
topology done      
21499 /usr/local/gromacs/powerpc-apple-darwin6.3/bin/mdrun running on n0 (o)
21500 /usr/local/gromacs/powerpc-apple-darwin6.3/bin/mdrun running on n0 (o)
1600 /usr/local/gromacs/powerpc-apple-darwin6.3/bin/mdrun running on n1
1601 /usr/local/gromacs/powerpc-apple-darwin6.3/bin/mdrun running on n1
It seems that some error has occurred during MPI_INIT.  This will
cause your process to abort.  These kinds of errors are usually
system-related, such as running out of disk space, running out of
memory, or something more serious such as data not being passed
between processes properly.  That is, you should not be seeing this
error message; if you are, somethings is likely Very Wrong with your
system.  :-(
Perhaps this Unix error message will help:

        Unix errno: 55
        No buffer space available
One of the processes started by mpirun has exited with a nonzero exit
code.  This typically indicates that the process finished in error.
If your process did not finish in error, be sure to include a "return
0" or "exit(0)" in your C code before exiting the application.
PID 1600 failed on node n1 with exit status 55.

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