[gmx-users] g_density and g_potential for DMPC bilayer

Andrei Gurtovenko agu at fyslab.hut.fi
Sun Jun 22 17:33:00 CEST 2003

Dear David,

David wrote:

>>You are right, it's possible to re-center bilayer using trjconv,
>>the problem is that one needs to do that for EVERY frame of simulation
>>because COM position of bilayer fluctuates in time.
>>It seems to me that this needs extra coding.
>you may consider using center of mass groups for your next simulation.
>You can then stop the com motion of different groups in your simulation.
Yes, that's right but my current simulations are over, now I'm analyzing 

>>As for the program for determining PN vector of a PC-head,
>>it would be nice to have it, if possible.
>I'm not sure what you're after. Have you checked g_order and g_rotacf
>anf g_bond?
Actually, I want to calculate the orientation of PC groups (angles with 
bilayer normal)
for DMPC bilayer. Not sure that the programs you mentioned help.

Also, I have a question addressed to GROMOCS crew:
Could you tell me whether g_density explicitly takes into account
masses of united-atom carbons supplied in .tpr file
(i.e. it knows whether a carbon is C, CH, CH2 or CH3) .
I heard an opinion that g_density uses atom names instead
and it is necessary to add masses of hydrogens "by hand"?

Thanks in advance,


Dr. A. Gurtovenko

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Helsinki University of Technology
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