[gmx-users] How to freeze the atoms at some specific area

Jia-Lin Lo jllo at phy.ncu.edu.tw
Wed Jun 25 02:38:01 CEST 2003

Dear gmx users;
     If I need to freeze the atoms at some 
specific areas. How should I write down the 
atom number for this group. I have tried  make_ndx and I think it can just recognize 
the names of the atoms and residues. But it 
cannot tell me the atom number at some areas.
    Any help or suggestions will be appriciated.
Thanks in advance.

Jia-lin LO
Dept. of Physics ,National Central University,
Chung Li , Taiwan,
e-mail : jllo at phy.ncu.edu.tw  Home page: http://pooh.phy.ncu.edu.tw/~jllo/
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