[gmx-users] Origin in trajectory files (xtc/trr)

Dallas Warren dallas.warren at vcp.monash.edu.au
Mon Nov 17 01:38:01 CET 2003

Have asked for the addition to VMD of the unit cell drawn on coordinate and 
trajectory files.  Since I don't know the file formats that well can anyone 
here provide an answer to John's question?

John Stone:
>The main thing we lack is a means of determining the _origin_ of the
>unit cell.  Any suggestions on how to guess the origin of the unit cell on
>file formats that don't provide it to us?  Several of them only give us
>a/b/c/alpha/beta/gamma per-timestep, but nothing more.  If we can get the
>origin of the unit cell, then it would be very simple to add the code to
>draw the unit cell for ya.


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