[gmx-users] mdrun with mpi runs slow

Dallas Warren dallas.warren at vcp.monash.edu.au
Thu Nov 27 03:13:01 CET 2003


>I'm running gromacs on a cluster with 20 nodes, but mdrun only get's
>less than 5% of the cpu's (each node has two cpu's). The line in 'top'
>looks like this:

That is simply due to the scaling of GROMACS.  Depending on the system the 
optimum use of CPU time can be 1, 2, 4 or may be larger.  Have a look at 
the scaling data on the website.  For my own systems with around 50,000 
atoms and electrostatic cut off it is not worth going past 2 processors or 
4, depending on the cluster being used, beyond that the scaling factor 
falls away rapidly.

>Usually there are other applications on that cluster, they get all the
>available cpu time. But even when there are no other running apps
>doesn't work fast. Some collegues of mine think that the processes are
>waiting for something different than cpu-time (e.g. I/O).
>Has anyone an idea?

It is waiting for communication from the other mdrun parts on other 
nodes.  The type of network connection you have will have a large influence 
on that.

>Here're my commands (there are only 15 nodes available):
>grompp -f grompp.mdp -p topol.top -c conf.gro -o testlauf.tpr -np 15
>lamboot ~/lamboot.startup
>mpirun n0-14 mdrun -nice 0 -s testlauf.tpr -o testlauf.trr -v -c

You should repeat this for 1, 2, 4 etc processors so that you can work out 
the scaling for your particular cluster and simulation system.  Then use 
that gives you the trade off between speed and effiicency.

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