[gmx-users] Re: not able to compile on G5 and OSX 10.3.1

Erik Lindahl lindahl at csb.stanford.edu
Sat Nov 29 00:29:00 CET 2003


First, the error you are seeing is altivec-related, but you said you 
disabled altivec, so I'd guess it is an old configuration lying around. 
Do a 'make clean' or even 'make distclean'.

> yes I use LAM-MPI found on http://www.lam-mpi.org/7.0/download.php 
> (7.0.3dmg) and developer tools coming with Panther. I enabled all the 
> following as well I dismissed some of them with no better results.
> ./configure --enable-vector --enable-all-static --enable-mpi 
> --disable-ppc-altivec

A couple of comments:

1. You should definitely NOT use --enable-vector on a PowerPC CPU. It 
is only intended for vector machines like Cray. Nobody uses these 
anymore for MD, so I'm not even sure the code complies with it enabled. 
I know that Apple keep saying that Altivec is "a vector unit", but it 
is really a SIMD unit, not vector :-)  And ... you're aware that the 
last option you use disable the Altivec code, right?

2. I don't think it works to compile fully statically by default on a 
Mac. Some of the system libraries are only available as dynamic libs, 
unless you go against their recommendation and download the static 
version from darwin.


  ./configure --enable-mpi

Everything works fine for me, with LAM 7.0.3, FFTW 2.1.5, OS X 10.3.1 
and the standard Panther developer tools.



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