[gmx-users] SSE on AMD

Alan Wilter Sousa da Silva alan at lac.inpe.br
Tue Oct 7 16:27:01 CEST 2003

Hi List!


Would that so the whole mysterious problem I've been facing with Athlons XP?  And I would say more, I found out new AMD XP faster clocks (2000+ and 2400+) not much powerful than my old Athlons XP 1800+.  What does not happen with Pentiums.

If so, I really would like to test it, thus how do I do to setup GMX to use 3Dnow?  And more, since we have heterogenous Openmosix cluster, how could I keep SSE and SSE2 working on Pentiums and 3Dnow on AMDs.


> Erik wrote:

(Un)fortunately I came to the same conclusion after weeks of testing, 

1. I cannot find any bug in the Gromacs SSE code (which is good news I 
guess . I've gone through line by line several times, so this can 
more or less be ruled out as an explanating I think...
2. Since it works great on Pentium, the next step would be to at least 
isolate where the crash happens on Athlons. Even this doesn't work - 
when the code is changed (debug info, etc), the crash happens somewhere 
else or not at all.
3. With 3DNow everythings works great.

I'll try to get in touch with AMD about this since it has all the signs 
of bad hardware, so keep your executables that crash - I'm particularly 
interested in reproducible crashes that take the OS and "everything" 
down (since that simply shouldn't be possible...)



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