[gmx-users] Questions on surface tension anaysis.

Hwan-kyu Lee leehk at umich.edu
Fri Oct 24 20:33:01 CEST 2003

Dear. gmx-users.

I used g_energy with #surf*surften option to analyze surface tensions of my
monolayer systems. I got some results like below.

Energy                      Average       RMSD     Fluct.      Drift  Tot-Drift
#Surf*SurfTen              -991.074    2303.49    2302.97  0.0206873    169.84

I couldn't understand my results because this number doesn't look like what we
expected. Also, I could see the graph, using xmgrace, but the unit was kJ/mol,
which is not appropriate unit for surface tension.

Therefore, I would like to know how those surface tension calculations are done,
and which units those values have...how to analyze those numbers...


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