[gmx-users] Parameterising for a Solvent

Dallas Warren dallas.warren at vcp.monash.edu.au
Tue Sep 2 04:31:01 CEST 2003

I am trying to get the parameters right for a solvent molecule.

Appear to have the partial charges right, the dipole moment is within 0.25 
% (2.27 vs 2.276).  Started with similar functional groups in the 
forcefield (G96 43a2x) and made some minor adjustments to get that close.

Managed to get the density pretty good too, within 0.14 % (1035 vs 
1036).  Adjusted the value of L-J parameter V (Cij(6)) slightly to get this 

Problem is that the heat of vaporisation appears to be a long way off 
(-12.2 vs 58.0).  To calculate this (I think this is correct ....), I took 
the internal energy from g_energy (26,545), divided by the number of 
molecules (1,800) to give 14.7 kJ/mol for the internal energy.  Then 
subtracted this value from RT (2.47 kJ/mol), DHvap = -12.2.

To get the correct value of DHvap the internal energy needs to be in the 
order of - 55 kJ/mol.  This seems to be a large difference.  Either I have 
calculated something incorrectly, are using the incorrect method, or the 
parameters are very wrong.

If the former, then where did I go wrong?

If the latter, then I guess I need to change V and W for the L-J potential 
such that the shape of the potential is similar (should preserve the 
density?) but the minimum energy is a fair amount larger (to decrease the 
value of 1-4 LJ and LJ SR enough)?

Thank you for any comments.

Catch ya,

Dr. Dallas Warren
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