[gmx-users] Parameterising for a Solvent

Dallas Warren dallas.warren at vcp.monash.edu.au
Tue Sep 2 09:39:01 CEST 2003

Thank you for the replies Eric and David.

I was hoping it was something as simple as that :-)

I have performed a single molecule simulation.  If only all simulations 
went that quickly ;-)

>DHvap = (Eintra(g) + RT) - (Eintra(l) + Einter(l))

Thank you, that makes sense now.

>The second bit is your Epot in the liquid sim, then you have to compute
>Eintra(g) by running a simulation of a single molecule *IDENTICAL* to
>your liquid simulation. In particular when you use PME this will give a

Only difference is that you can't use pressure coupling, correct?  In doing 
so, the box would rapidly contract below twice the cut off length.

>very large number. Take care to run the single molecule at least as long
>as the liquid simulation as you will have rather large fluctuations in
>energy. See further Wensink et al. (JCP 119, no 13, to be published).

The liquid simulation I have run for 3 ns so far.  With the single molecule 
simulation I found that when the dihedral underwent a conformation change 
to the higher energy state the various energy terms increased quite 
significantly.  So I have run that for 50ns for the value calculated below.

OK, having done that now:
         Eintra(gas) = 55.4815
         RT = 2.4776
         [Eintra+Einter](liquid) = 14.747
         DHvap = 43.21           versus 58.0

Now that is much more reasonable.  Not perfect, but at least in the ball 
park now.

Something to note here, which isn't surprising but I hadn't thought of it 
that way, changing the L-J values will have little influence on the 
potential energy of the gas phase.  The value of that in this case is 
dominated by electrostatic short range and electrostatic 1-4 interactions.

Thing is now, which way to go to improve the value?  Redistribute the 
partial charges (which I assume will have a significant effect on the gas 
phase potential energy and is the dominate term)?  Decrease the minimum in 
the L-J potential to decrease the value of the liquid phase potential energy?

Catch ya,

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