[gmx-users] Itanium2 assembly loops

Erik Lindahl lindahl at csb.stanford.edu
Tue Apr 13 10:02:01 CEST 2004

HI Michel,

The loops are ready, but unfortunately you won't be able to use them on 
most systems without some changes to the neighborsearching. Due to the 
way the itanium works we can't use water-optimized loops (the normal 
loops are just as fast on ia64, anyway). For the same reason it's not 
in CVS yet - it's not fully compatible with the current code.

I'm working on backporting an entire module with new 
innerloops+neighborsearching, and it shouldn't be very long (think 
april), but no promises...

If anybody still wants to have a look at the ia64 code I'd be happy to 
send it, but I don't have any time to support it at this stage, meaning 
I won't reply to questions about it :-)



On Apr 12, 2004, at 7:33 PM, Michel Cuendet wrote:

> Hi,
> When are the assembly loops for itanium2 going to be released ?
> I have 64 itanium2 cpus painfully running gromacs hardly as fast as an 
> athlon 1600, and I can't wait to see that 2-fold increase in speed 
> they were talking about !!
> Is there a way to get the assembly loops through the cvs or something ?
> Thanks,
> Michel
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