[gmx-users] mpi performance issues

Osmany Guirola Cruz osmany.guirola at cigb.edu.cu
Mon Apr 19 23:37:01 CEST 2004

 I have problems in my cluster with MPI "poooor scalable" 
I think that my problem is in the options --with-tcp-short 
And --with-rpi of my lam/mpi which should be the perfect values for
these options or how ca I found the prefect values for my network
I have a linux cluster Suse 8.2 dual PIII 933 100Mbs

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On Mon, 2004-04-19 at 22:47, istvan at kolossvary.hu wrote:
> Hi,
> I see there are a lot of threads on the mailing list on Gromacs mpi 
> scaling.
> I also tried to do this "out of the box" and got similar, horrible
> as others. I read through the archive and got some clues, although it
> that scaling is extremely (molecular)system sensitive and I shouldn't
> much with PME. However, looking at the 20-50% CPU usage on dual
> nodes (3.06 GHz Xeons w/ 100Mbit Ethernet and Redhat 9.0) I was
wondering if 
> the payload, which is the size of the packets sent between nodes is
> small. I believe Erik has mentioned this once on the list. Apparently
> payload size is 1000 bytes (plus 40 bytes TCP/IP overhead) on our
system. It 
> would be much more efficient having larger payload, say 1400 bytes. My

> question is whether this is something that can be set in Gromacs, or
is this 
> an OS parameter. In either case, how can I change this? 

It is a feature of the MPI library. With LAM-MPI there is an option to
change this. Another option is to try the MPI-VIA implementation. Has
anyone tried that for GROMACS?


This should avoid the Linux TCP/IP stack, and have much lower latency on
cheap hardware. Volunteers please....

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