[gmx-users] ffoplsaa and sigma/epsilon values

Dallas Warren dallas.warren at vcp.monash.edu.au
Wed Aug 11 00:51:28 CEST 2004


>i am right now attempting to edit the ffolpsaa forcefields non-bonded
>parameters to add in a new molecule, specifically a lipid. i am running
>gromacs v.3.1.4 and have looked through the manual to find out ways to
>calculate  values, to of which i have yet to find something solid. i have
>come close w/ section 5.3.3, but it has yet to answer all my questions. if
>something could give me some insight, it would be much appreciated. thanks
>in advance.

There are some discussions on the list on this, I am pretty sure there 
should be a couple of emails that explicitly state the steps you need to 
follow to perform the fit.  Basically you need to iterate the non-bonding 
parameters to fit vapour pressure and density.

There is a feature in mdrun (the -j switch) which you can use to speed up 
the process.

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