[gmx-users] Xeon and Athlon64 benchmarks

Heikki Käsnänen hkasnane at hytti.uku.fi
Wed Aug 11 13:59:08 CEST 2004


I would like to contribute my gmx-benchmarks, which were done in two different
machines. Both were done on single nodes (that is because Athlon had only

1. Machine

Xeon 3,2 GHz, 1024 Kb cache, 1Gb DDR 266 MHz
OS:SuSe Linux 9.0
Gromacs 3.2.1 compiled with gcc

Villin: 10248
Lys/Cut: 3089
Lys/PME: 1731
DPPC: 187
Poly-CH2: 4036

2. Machine

Athlon64 2,1 GHz, 512 Kb cache, 1 Gb DDR 400 MHz
OS: Fedora Core 2 64-bit
Gromacs 3.2.1 compiled with gcc

Villin: 5935
Lys/Cut: 1877
Lys/PME: 1298
DPPC: 139
Poly-CH2: 3379

Athlon's poor performance surprised me a bit. I guess that even 2,4 GHz Opteron
is not as fast as these new Xeon's (3.6 GHz Xeon is coming for sale soon). I
have read that there is not much use of 64-bit extensions in Gromacs (yet), so
double-Xeon's are the weapon of choice for new workstations.


Heikki Kasnanen
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of Kuopio

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