[gmx-users] Inverting PBC for membrane simulations

Alan Dodd anoddlad at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 15 16:07:56 CET 2004

I have considered modelling a neighbouring cell
explicitly as you say, it's just that the simulation
doubles in size to reduce the chances of the peptides'
effects on the bilayer influencing each other, and I
was hoping to find a computationally cheaper way.

I'm not sure what you mean by being unable to tell
what the ensemble is - can you explain?

Alan Dodd
University of Bristol

Tue Dec 14 03:26:32 CET 2004
I think it is a better idea to set up the simulation
such that the two 
leaflets are chemically the same, so they have a
chance to have the same 
surface tension.  For example, if you have a protein
in one leaflet, you 
should also have it in the other leaflet.  Otherwise,
you just don't know 
what your ensemble is.

At 05:15 AM 12/13/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>As there is a potential surface tension difference
>between the two leaflets of the bilayer in my
>simulation,  I would like to be able to modify the
>periodic boundary conditions such that the z axis is
>inverted in the xy neighboring cells (by rotating
>about the xy diagonal) - so a lipid can diffuse out
>the top leaflet and into the bottom leaflet at the
>edges of the box.  I know of an example where similar
>things have been done before, but not with Gromacs.
>Are there any ways in which this can be done?
>Alan Dodd
>University of Bristol
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