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Eric Jakobsson jake at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Sun Feb 8 22:48:00 CET 2004

A box the size of our simulation cells in electrolyte is not always 
instantaneously electroneutral, but it is electroneutral averaged over 
time; there is no systematic sustained net charge.  A good rule of thumb is 
that if the size of the simulation cell is greater than a Debye length, 
then you should be sure to have electroneutrality in the simulation.  For 
physiological ionic strengths, the Debye length is about 8 angstroms, which 
is quite a small simulation cell, so in general you should have 
electroneutrality in order to simulate reality well.


At 04:23 PM 2/3/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear Itamar,
>Unfortunately the small box is not the real world, but we would like it to 
>be as real as possible. Therefore I think adding ions to neutralise the 
>system is important.
>Also think about periodic boundary conditions creating an infinitly large 
>system, which we would not expected to be charged.
>If you explicitly wan't to simulate a single molecule, e.g. ionic 
>complexes in the gas phase, single ion channel events or compare with 
>atomic force microscopy measurements charged systems might be useful 
>(although I am not sure).
>Best wishes
> >>> ikass at cc.huji.ac.il 03/02/2004 16:03:32 >>>
>    Hi all, in the system I have protein in membrane, DMPC and water, and
>the net charge is -2, were the simulation box is
>6.1082x6.1082x6.6675nm.  In the literature I see that people add ions
>in order to prevent net charge in the system (etc. Forrest et. al. 2000
>Biophys J. 78:55-69).
>    My question is does it important?  After all, in the real world such
>small box does not has net charge of zero 100% of the time.
>    thanks, Itamar.
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