[gmx-users] K+ ions with ffG43a1 and Gr.3.2

Beaurain Francois beaurain at sissa.it
Tue Feb 17 15:24:01 CET 2004

Hello everybody

I am just strarting with Gromacs and as almost beginners I have problem 
with "exotic" ions.
I had a look on the several messages about this topic. But unfortunately, 
for me it still doesn't work.

So I have two demands :
- If potassium ion makes problems to everybody, why is it still not 
implemented in Gromacs 3.2?
- Can somebody make a very simple and detailed manual to introduce ions in 
the forcefield. Something like "gromacs and ions for dooms", where evey 
operaton is detailed step by step.

Thank you

Francois beaurain
Postdoc student at sissa

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