[gmx-users] negative pressures!

Mungikar, Amol Arvind (UMR-Student) mungikar at umr.edu
Wed Feb 25 07:40:01 CET 2004

Thank you very much for your suggestions, infact things are working fine for me now with NPT ensemble.

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	That sounds to me like normal behavior.  For a small system the
	instantaneous pressure fluctuations are enormous, of the order you are
	seeing.  Furthermore, water is almost incompressible, so if you do NVT at a
	density that is just a little bit off the density you would have for a 1
	atm NPT simulation, you will have an enormous net pressure, either positive
	or negative depending on whether your density is just a little too big or a
	little too small.
	Why not run NPT, so the system finds its own appropriate density?
	At 09:44 AM 2/19/2004 -0600, you wrote:
	>Dear all,
	>I posted a similar message few days back, and since then I am trying to
	>find out where the bug is! I ran NVT md simulations for water,
	>peptide-water. And everytime for this NVT ensemble run, I am getting
	>pressures +/- 1000 bars. Dr.Spoel mentioned that this might be because of
	>a 'air bubble' in the system, or based on previous discussions in this
	>forum it maybe due to the high (wrong) densities. I checked the density
	>value (1 gm/cm3) for water box several times. I checked all the RDFs but i
	>couldnt locate anything wrong here. I am sure that I am missing out
	>something, but sadly i dont know what. Kindly help me out in this
	>matter.Thank you very much in advance.
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