[gmx-users] 'Gromacs Symposium' ?

Marc Lensink marc.lensink at ugent.be
Wed Jan 14 15:14:09 CET 2004

On Wednesday 14 January 2004 13:37, Erik Lindahl wrote:
> Just because we've discussed it before without any result I would
> strongly suggest we go for a relatively informal "workshop" where
> everybody pay their own travel and accommodation, and we just bring
> an LCD projector to a medium-sized room. If that works we can turn
> it into more of a conference in the future.

Isn't there a gromacs-symposium at CSC (Finland) in february? David
should know, since he's speaking there.

> To get an idea about interest & expectations, it would be great if
> people replied to this thread with some thoughts on:
> 1. Would you want to come?
> 2. What do you think it should be focused on? (E.g.: tutorial
> stuff, algorithm development, presentation/discussion of simulation
> research results)
> 3. Would it be better to have it in summer or during the university
> terms?

As an experienced gromacs-user I would not be interested in tutorial
stuff, but mainly in presentation and discussion of research results,
algorithm development as well. Tutorials make me fall asleep. There
could be a more intensive seminar program involving in-depth
explanation for those desiring tutorials.  Or even better something
like a workshop, but then you have to organize computers.  Such could
of course be done by internet before the meeting, using - wild idea -
a chatbox or so to answer possible questions.

I think something during the university terms is preferential.


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