[gmx-users] 'Gromacs Symposium' ?

Fri Jan 16 18:22:00 CET 2004

>1. Would you want to come?

Our research group would be very interested in attending the symposium, if 
it happens.  We would likely send three or four people there.

>2. What do you think it should be focused on? (E.g.: tutorial stuff, 
>algorithm development, presentation/discussion of simulation research results)

The idea suggested earlier about having split sessions for 
tutorial/algorithms and then combined sessions to present research sounds 
great- I would benefit from tutorials myself (being a beginner), but the 
experienced users in our group might like to hear about algorithm 
development.  All of us would be interested in seeing what other groups are 
doing with the program.

>3. Would it be better to have it in summer or during the university terms?

Whatever the organizers find to be most convenient... we'll try our best to 
attend.  I hope this materializes!

Jay McAliley
Clemson University
Clemson, SC

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