[gmx-users] 'Gromacs Symposium' ?

McMullen, Roger L RMcMullen at ispcorp.com
Fri Jan 16 20:59:01 CET 2004

1. Would you want to come?

I would definitely attend, especially if it is held in Spain, Greece, etc.

2. What do you think it should be focused on? (E.g.: tutorial stuff,
algorithm development, presentation/discussion of simulation research

I think elements from all of the things listed above would comprise an
excellent forum.  One of the societies I belong to always offers continuing
education classes the day before the actual conference begins.  A similar
schedule may work well with the tutorial stuff for the Gromacs Symposium.
This would allow the more advanced people to attend the following day if
they choose.

3. Would it be better to have it in summer or during the university terms?

Summer would be best for myself, although I would attend at any other time
as well.  September is always a nice time for places along the Mediterranean
Coast (Prices/crowds seem less.).


Roger McMullen
International Specialty Products/
Seton Hall University

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