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Eric Jakobsson jake at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Sun Jan 18 00:52:01 CET 2004

Our group is of the view that if you don't use PME, you should definitely 
use neutral group-based groups.  If you don't, you see distinct artifacts 
in the radial distribution functions at the cut-off distance.  That 
evidence convinced us.


At 05:17 AM 1/15/2004 -0800, you wrote:

>Berk Hess wrote:
> > These charge groups are important for simulations with cut-off
> > electrostatics as they
> > reduce the cut-off noise significantly.
>its not so much about the noise, the point with charge
>groups is that you end up with electrostatic interactions
>between only dipoles (which go with 1/r^3) and no
>more monopole-monopole interactions ( 1/r ).
>Thus the electrost. interaction is (seeemingly) shorter ranged
>(though still not converging for r-cut -> infinity) giving
>results that are less system-size dependent; whether they
>are correct is a different question ...
>but there still is the question: is in Gromacs only the generation
>the neighbour-list group-based or also the calculation of
>the electrostatic interactions (which is nor necessarily the same
> > With shiftted electrostatics or PME charge groups are only important for
> > performance reasons.
>I am not sure whether group-based cut-off in combination
>with PME is a good idea, and If you don't use PME there are
>still reasons to avoud group-based cut-offs, see, e.g.,
>Biophys J, September 2000, p. 1537-1553, Vol. 79, No. 3;
>there is also a more rigorous investigation of the subject
>by Hummer G., the exact reference eludes me for know ...
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