[gmx-users] size limit in gromacs?

Milan Melichercik melicher at cray.dbp.fmph.uniba.sk
Mon Jan 19 18:06:01 CET 2004

It is possible, Gromacs 3.1.4 has a file size limit (~ 2 to 2.5 GB)? Cause I
have 2441589428 B gromacs trajectory and if I want to show it by ngmx, the
program fails with message, it can't find the file. I've tried trjconv to
reduce amount of data, but it failed by same way.
Computer configuration: GNU/Linux (Debian/testing) kernel version 2.4.23
			1 GB RAM, AMD Athlon processor
			2 GB of swap space, but I think, it has no efect,
cause by "openning" this file it doesn't work with disk by same way as it's
swapping pages between swap space and memory
Also I think it isn't a Linux bug, cause I can do many thinks with this file
(e.g. cp, less, cat, mv, ...)
thanks a lot

Milan Melichercik

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