[gmx-users] Restart dmpc membrane

Carl-Johan Högberg cjh at physc.su.se
Tue Jun 1 12:38:02 CEST 2004

Hi gmx-users

I have some problems restarting a dmpc membrane simulation. The 
simulation has been running for 30ns and now a want to start it again. 
When using tpbconv i get the following error:

WARNING: The simulation uses pressure and/or temperature coupling,
         the continuation will only be exact when an energy file is supplied

And also:

0 steps (0 ps) remaining from first run.
You've simulated long enough. Not writing tpr file

Anybody who has any suggestions how to solve this problem?

Best regards

Carl-Johan Högberg
Department of Physical Chemistry
Arrhenius Laboratory
Stockholm University
S-106 91 Stockholm
Phone: +46-8-162373

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